Monday, February 25, 2013

Pet Laser Therapy: Yes, there is a Magic Wand for your Pet

Oscar wearing his goggles during a
laser therapy session

You want to do what?  Wave a magic wand over my dog and it will heal the parts that have been keeping us both up at night with whimpers (him with pain, me with lack of sleep)?  It was worth the try I guess... my general vet is also my friend and she would not steer me wrong, right?

Yes, she was right.
YES, it worked.

There are a lot of options out there for treatment of animals but this one by far is one of my favorites.  It is easy, safe, non-evasive and comparatively inexpensive (~$20 a session in Atlanta).  This is one of the first therapies I started when my dog started to have arthritis pain and with medication is the only therapy we needed for a year and half.  After one treatment I noticed a difference!  When Oscar has a particular pain we usually go twice a week for 3 weeks and then taper off.  His maintenance therapy is usually only 1-2 times a month. But they can go several times a week if needed.  And it works!  As he got older, I began to add other therapies but always continued this therapy.

What is this magic wand?  Well it is a small machine with a wand that projects a red "cold" laser and is guided to particular spots on the animal that need healed.  The red beam is slightly warm and is swept across the area for a few minutes. You wear goggles (and your dog if they will tolerate it) to protect your eyes (the only possible danger I can see).  The sessions we have had last about 10 minutes.  Oscar usually comes home, takes a nap and feels and walks much better when he wakes.  It's that quick and it's that simple.

Watch this video and you are going to to sold. This is NOT Snake Oil people!  I've seen it work with my own eyes!

My dog tolerates the goggles about 25% of the time.  If he does not want to wear them I simply hold his head away since he has his hind-end treated, it does not come near his eyes anyway.

I have also had laser treatment used on my other dog post surgery.  It is also used to treat cuts, bites, hip dysplasia, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, wounds, infections and many other ailments.  There is also a "human" version of the laser that they use in orthopedic and pain management clinics.

But how does it work? This is what Litecure has to say:

The Companion therapy laser system sends photons, or packets of light energy, deep into tissue without damaging it. These photons are absorbed within the mitochondria of the cells and induce a chemical change called “photo-bio-modulation”.   This light energy then inspires production of ATP in the cell.  ATP is the fuel, or energy, cells need for repair and rejuvenation.  Impaired or injured cells do not make this fuel at an optimal rate.  Increased ATP production leads to healthier cells, healthier tissue, and healthier animals.

Litecure Companion Laser is the brand that both my vets use and they say it is important to make sure your pet is being treated with a "Class IV Deep Tissue Laser."  I believe there are other brands of laser therapy out there, you just have to make sure it is the right "class" laser to be affective.

Now that you want to try it, go here to find a vet near you that uses this therapy. And be sure to report back! I am surprised to find that this therapy is found in many vet offices across the country. I even searched in some small towns just to see if it was available there.

I use both Georgia Vet Rehab and Ormewood Animal Hospital for Oscar's laser therapy. 

And It's even used on PENGUINS! 

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