Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Favorites: Resources

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Favorite Websites:

Handicap Pets - Though I have not needed them, they seem to have many options for doggie wheelchairs and other supports.

2nd Chance - A website by a Vet that also has a soft spot for old dogs.  Well written, compassionate, worth reading.  

Favorite Stuff:

Pet Gear Soft Steps II - $30, durable.

Hip and Joint Plus - $18.  Oscar's favorite cost $80 (they taste better, same ingredients)  

Favorite People Around Atlanta:

These are Atlanta Metro area resources.   If you live elsewhere:  look at these websites and see what they offer, then search in your area for similar services.  For example, I would search for "Orthopedic Vet" or "Rehabilitation Vet" or "Pain Management Vet" or even "Alternative Medicine Vet" in your area.  Then, I would compare services, read reviews and meet with the vet. You have the power of choice.  If you are seeing a vet that is not giving you options you like, keep looking.  The right attitude and perspective make all the difference.

Georgia Vet Rehab (Orthopedic and Pain Management Vet)  - A Godsend and treasure for Atlanta.  Bright, involved, compassionate staff that go the extra mile! Services: Acupuncture, laser therapy, chiropractic, massage, swimming, underwater treadmill, physical therapists, supplements, specialty supplies for mobility impaired dogs. I would travel long distances to have my pooch cared for here.

Georgia Veterinary Specialist (Emergency Vet) - Open 24 hours. Can deal with the most serious of emergencies. Have saved Oscar's life twice.  They were actually cheaper than The Village Vet's in Decatur who are great but have less emergency equipment. Many specialties (Oncology, Internal Med, Neurology, Orthopedic Surgery, etc) - though I would choose the GVR for any orthopedic or pain issues other than surgery.  If my dog had to have Orthopedic surgery, I would have it done at GVS and transfer care post-op to GVR for rehab.  

Ormewood Animal Hospital (General Vet) - Compassionate bright staff.  Offers laser therapy. 

Toto's Pet Service (Atlanta) - The BEST pet sitter.  Great with older dogs, heart of gold, affordable and totally reliable. (contact me for contact info)

Note:  If you dog is having any serious life-threatening surgery done, I now always choose to go to a place that is open 24 hours - this means in the event that something goes wrong, you have someone to call. Plus, this ensures continuity of care by docs that know your dog.  I learned this the hard way, and it is one of my biggest regrets ever with my other dog, my dearly departed Oliver.

Other Resources Across the Country: 

I have not personally used these facilities but they offer similar services to what my favorite place Georgia Veterinarian Rehab.

Canine Rehabitiation and Conditioning Group

Favorite Spots:

Park Grounds - The best of all worlds, a dog park and coffee shop.

Taj Mahound - Where Oscar goes to celebrate each birthday!  Homemade doggie Ice Cream and the most amazing cakes that are easy to chew! 

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